Residential & Commercial Solar Systems

online Seroquel Unlike other Solar companies, Bayou Solar uses the same quality product on every installation instead of the cheapest available at the time.

Bayou Solar’s main suppliers are industry leaders for solar energy systems, with decades of experience, and a full line of the most innovative solar technology on the market today. We only procure and install American made or ARRA certified solar products with outstanding performance, and that being solar energy solutions as the perfect match for quality-conscious American consumers.

Bayou Solar has you covered. From solar panels to hot water to Solar HVAC, we provide homeowners the best value for the money using proven, reliable and cost-effective technology that meets all of your solar needs. We are also into providing standby generators for those long hurricane black outs.

Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic solar systems use sunlight to generate electricity. The potential is huge – with current Photovoltaic technology we could supply all U.S. electrical needs by covering only one third of one percent of our country’s land area in modules. There are no moving parts, so once installed they deliver energy as long as the sun shines. The solution is there, and you can be part of it.

More and more areas have energy buy-back programs (called net metering), allowing owners of solar systems to sell excess electricity back to the power company. The power companies like it, because they buy electricity from you when they need it the most, during the day, when companies and air conditioning units are running at their peak. It is a true win-win situation. Our photovoltaic systems are fully integrated and carefully coordinated for maximum long-term output. With Bayou Solar, you get:

  • Fast installation by a NABCEP trained installation crew
  • Maintenance free convenience
  • Guaranteed performance for up to 25 years
  • Dependable quality
  • Lower electricity bills
  • Enhanced home value
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re part of the sustainability solution

Solar Pool Pumps

Fantastic Investment With Great Electricity Savings

AC pool pumps are usually a major consumers of electricity in a household. Well, no more grid power will be wasted to filter your pool. A DC powered extremely efficient pump will tirelessly work for you from sunrise to sunset, Summer or Winter, and keeps your pool clean. This is another super device that takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Solar HVAC Air Conditioning Systems

Absolutely Great Investment

This is a great new innovation in the use of solar energy to enhance the performance of central air conditioning systems and reduce its electric energy requirement by up to 60%. This may result in the reduction of your household’s monthly electric bill by 25 to 35%. Such solar systems can also be eligible for solar tax credits and refunds, both State and Federal.

Solar Thermal

Another Great Investment

Absolutely the most efficient way of reducing your overall energy usage in your household, and can cost much less than half of comparable electric solar products with up to 30% reduction in your energy consumption!
For thousands of years people have used the sun to heat water.

Solar thermal is the collection, storage, and use of heat from sunshine to make hot water. It is one of the most efficient means of using solar energy. Think about how hot your car gets when you park it in the sun – with a thermal system, you capture this energy and make it work for you.

There is a huge amount of energy in solar radiation, and the sunshine on one square foot in one year is equal to the energy in 2.5 gallons of oil. Even on cloudy winter days, two or three collectors can easily supply all the hot water for an average family.

A solar hot water investment will save you money and energy for many years. Generally, 20% to 30% of your home energy is used to heat water for laundry, cleaning, and bathing. It is probably the second largest consumer in your home. There are other benefits such as a larger hot water storage tank to reduce the likelihood of running out of hot water during limited power outages. Properly selected, sized and installed, the solar hot water heater provides a significant return on your money, especially when the Federal and Louisiana tax credits are used to drastically reduce the systems’ costs. Our solar thermal is a far cry from the old systems you may have seen. Our collectors are much more effective, and infinitely better-looking. We know you’re proud of your home, so we designed them with sleek lines; an attractive, smooth surface. They blend in perfectly with your roof line and make a statement about taste and innovation.
We use closed-loop SRCC OG-300 certified technology, which is at the leading edge of efficiency and reliability. Our systems are practically maintenance-free. They install quickly, with no “dirty work” in your home. The system is up and running with minimal disruption in your routine.

Our thermal systems include everything needed – collectors, fluid, tanks, valves, control instrumentation, and mounting hardware. They can also be combined with our photovoltaic systems for all-inclusive solar solutions.
You can be part of the solution. We can show you how photovoltaic systems can generate electricity and solar thermal systems can create heat and hot water for your home while saving you a lot of electricity.

Solar Attic Fans

Another major user of electricity, especially during hot Summer weather. This also works from sunrise to sunset, with temperature control. It works when it’s hot and stops when it’s not – totally automatic.

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