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Bayou Solar installed a solar pool pump system, a thermal system and a solar system on our house. We are thrilled to be producing clean energy and excited for our pool pump to be off the grid completely!Robert, Uptown - NOLA
Bayou Solar has proved to be a professional and reliable partner in the residental Solar Energy field. Extremely favorable tax benefits combined with Bayou Solar’s knowledgable staff has allowed our family to realize Solar energy usage in our home. Our 5kw system produces about 700kwh per month and together with our solar pool pump system, has resulted in back-to-back $25 and $35 electricity bills. I would certainly recommend Bayou Solar to friends and family and will very likely be doing business with Bayou Solar again in the near future.Richard Carouche, Prairieville, LA
For a long time, I wanted to install solar on my house, and the right time came of course with the start of the very generous tax credits given by the State and the Federal Government. I did the thermal solar first in May of 2009, followed by a photo voltaic solar system shortly next, and last September 2010, I added a solar system that runs my swimming pool filtration free of electricity. I am very satisfied with the installed systems and with the company, Bayou Solar, and will be very happy to recommend to any one this company and these solar systems. Michael Wetzel, Kenner, LA
I can’t say enough good things about going solar thermal, and about how easy it was to work with your company. My system is over 4 years old since April, 2009, and it hasn’t missed a beat or had any problems whatsoever. As you know, energy rates seriously increased in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and before I had this system installed, I was seeing energy bills in the $600 range monthly, winter and summer. Now my highest bill in summer is solely due to my air conditioning and is about $350 at its highest. In winter, my bill rarely touches $120, which is the best proof of how efficient this system is. The other praise I have is for how easy it was to work with you. You explained every step, did what you said you would do when you said you would do it, and you gave a fine explanation of how the system works when you were done and before you left. I’ve been recommending you to everyone I know. Thanks again for a great job!Steve Klepies, New Orleans, LA
I am happy to give any one who asks a recommendation for you. You did an outstanding job and I am very happy with the system. I particularly liked the fact that you were here personally. I felt very comfortable and confident with your company.Dr. W. Stien, Metairie, LA
I am soooooo happy with my solar power system. After the install, March 2010, all my electric bills have been $10 per month (connection fee). As of August 1st 2010, CLECO owed me 780 KWH. Maintenance has been almost nothing, just two weeks in the spring when the oak trees were flowering. Twice I had to spray the panels with water to clean off the pollen. Yes, I could have just waited for it to rain but I wanted max power output and it only took five minutes. I couldn’t wait to get my tax refunds the year after so we could install the next 4KW section. Why more? I’ll need it when I use my tax returns to buy a plug in electric car. Then, with no power and gasoline bills, I can actually think about retiring a couple of years sooner than I originally planned. Life is good and the forecast from Bayou Solar is very sunny for years to come.DB Bradley, Slidell

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